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Concrete Trophy Vase

Lyon Béton

A trophy for the modern home.

The Concrete Trophy Stem Vase designed by Lyon Béton brings a little bit of nature to your empty wall space without actually bringing nature home. Adorn your wall with a prized animal head, moulded with limited facial details, the trophy head takes on the silhouette of any animal depending on whatever you decided to use to create antlers. Comes with fitted vases for the decorative antler holes.

Designed and made in France for Lyon Béton from a unique lightweight concrete and suitable for indoor use. Pores, micro-cracks and variations in colour are due to the material’s inherent and charming nature.

Lyon Béton Trophy Vase

Product Details

General Dimensions: W14.5cm x D4.5cm x H24cm
Materials Concrete
Assembly None
Weight 1.5kg

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