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Statement Pieces for Eternal Property Renters

With the current property market still not offering much for folks looking to get on the property ladder, more than ever are left in the limbo of eternally renting. According to The Independent, the average age of the first time buyer is now 38-years-old. Whilst is may be rather disheartening to imagine living in rented digs for the next decade or so, there’s perhaps no better time to start making your mark on your furniture and interior design tastes.

We love retro furniture. A massive part of the Pash look is about sourcing and designing designer furniture that fits with the creative ethos of our studio. We do our best to craft key pieces that can bring a room to life. Perhaps this is even more relevant to eternal renters. It can be tough to make a mark on a new property, even more so when you’re not the homeowner.

Our funky office furniture, dining tables, chairs and accessories are all tailored to suit folks with an identity. Take the fabulous “Wire side chair inspired by Harry Bertoia”, which is an incredibly popular piece in our retro collection. In an environment where the wall colour and carpets aren’t going to change, such statement pieces offer an exceptional style voice simply and easily.

We’ve got scores of different designs on our books, so spend a little time planning the kind of furniture you want and what budget you’re happy with, and then let our superb catalogue do the rest!

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