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Rocking the RAR with NetMums

How do you find the perfect nursery chair? At Pash, we believe it’s got to be beautifully designed, fun, hardwearing – and hopefully excellent value for money, too.

This month we have teamed up with NetMums, the UK’s biggest parenting web site, for a free competition to win an Eames-inspired RAR rocking chair.

They are very demanding at NetMums, as you would expect. They want a nursery chair to be “bold and playful”, not to mention “oozing style from every curve” and to “serve a purpose long after your little one has dropped the night feeds.”

Bearing all of these requirements in mind, the RAR rocker is an excellent choice.

A development of the Eames DAR - the world’s first plastic, mass-produced chair designed for a 1948 competition to create low cost furniture – the RAR is a delight and has become a treasured piece of nursery furniture among thousands of our customers.

The original DAR is known as the “Eiffel” chair because of the resemblance of its metal frame to the Paris landmark, but the RAR instead uses simple stainless steel and maple rockers. This unexpected touch brings a playful edge to a chair that already oozes joyousness thanks to its use of bright, bold plastics.

Importantly, it’s very comfortable for children – and for adults. The ergonomically-moulded shell has a high, flexible back and a deep seat pocket that means you can use it comfortably for hours at a time, rocking or just sitting.

Will it match your nursery? It is available in no less than 22 different finishes, so we can answer firmly in the affirmative. Will it match your budget? At just £59, we think that we can definitely say “yes” to that question, too.

Finally, will your kids love it? Well, ours certainly do.

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