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Go Retro in 2012

Back in December 2011 we read an interesting article about a Leicester woman who spent £10,000 over twenty years amassing a collection of Victorian decor. She used the vast collection to furnish her five-room terrace and seemed like a happy and contented woman living in a home unique to her tastes. Aside from a shared passion for chaise lounge chairs, we’re not exactly reading from the same style book, but something we can certainly agree on is the need for a person to feel content and involved in the decor of their home.

Retro furniture is something of a passion here in the Pash studio. We’re influenced by every aspect of retro style – from Andy Warhol to chintz floor lamps! Absolutely loads of our customers comment on how much they’d love to kit-out a retro house... So why don’t you?

We’ve got everything you need to finish the retro designer furniture look. And our great online galleries can give you some idea of decor and finishing touches, too. We love it when interior magazines do vintage and retro spreads, so keep your eye out for some fabulous interior design ideas.

Not sure where to start? Retro furniture is all about captivating statement and curiosity. Take stock of how far you can take the look in terms of lifestyle and budget. Next it’s time to start choosing from our exceptional furniture ranges. We love the “Eames inspired lounge chair and ottoman” and “Ball chair inspired by Eero Aarnio” as perfectly retro seating solutions.

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