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Swinging Sixties Style

The cultural significance of the 1960s still reverberates today, from music (The Beatles and more), the culture (Mods & Rockers, hippies and the counter culture) to social attitudes (sexual liberation, and more). 1960s design also remains influential, in fashion and interior and furniture design.

There’s one piece of furniture that is iconic of the 1960s and the social, cultural and political changes wrought by the decade - Verner Panton’s S (or stackable) Chair. The chair was revolutionary in conception and construction while also drawing on the minimalism of early twentieth century modernism. The Panton S Chair is a single piece chair, without any legs or arms, this was a first. It was also the very first single-form injection-moulded plastic chair, a revolutionary construction method. Finally, although initially designed in 1960, its use of vivid colours predated the groovy colour pallet of the decade (think Austin Powers for our younger readers).

The Panton S Chair was thus hip, happening and very sexy. Fast forward some 25 years to 1995 and Kate Moss appeared on the front cover of Vogue sitting on a naked Panton ’S’ chair. The chair is still associated with being young, beautiful, cool and sexy. Very few sixties icons have aged quite so well.

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